Would you like a Boat and Jetski License?

We are now the Allstate Boat licensing & training representative for Hervey bay. Allstate were the very first boat licensing organization to be granted Government approval under the new BoatSafe standard .Their approval number is 0001 so there is years of experience for us to tap into now and pass onto you!

Complete your theory online when it suits you, the interactive course allows you to stop and start as much as you require, perfect for the busy lifestyles

Once the theory is completed book a time with Chris, there is a little more paperwork to go over then its time to put the theory into practice.

You will be in control and asked to perform a number of task like maneuvering the vessel, man over board drills and docking as well a run through of all safety equipment required for not only the vessel on the day but also tips for your own vessel. This is an accredited Boatsafe course (QLD) that once completed is recognized world wide.

The boat License course(RMDL) is $140

The Jetski License Course (PWC) is $140

(note you must hold a boat license to attain a PWC License)

Complete the boat and jetski license at the same time for $250

Sounds like fun? Sign up now